What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker operates as a go-between for you, the borrower, and a variety of lenders. The broker’s job is to evaluate your specific situation, select an appropriate loan product for you, and then negotiate the loan’s approval and settlement.

Why would I use Ensure Mortgage instead of a bank?

Ensure Mortgage provides affordable products and rates. We will strive to give you a pleasant and enjoyable experience. In contrast to banks we offer a personal service, where you can request for someone’s name and you can have your own mortgage advisor.

We specialize in home loans and offer a range of loans of loans from more than 14 major banks as well as retail mortgage providers . This means that we have a wider selection of loans than banks. However, it is important to note that you can access a wide range of large bank loans via Ensure Mortgage , and it is not more expensive to arrange the loans through us.

What type of loans do you help me get?

At Ensure Mortgage we can help you with home loans, car loans, business loans, asset finance, short term loans, bad credit loans etc which we can access many loans from a variety of lenders. Based on your needs We use our exclusive MATCH system to select the most suitable loan for you. We then to back it up by our Future Proof Loan Commitment , which will ensure that you are secure with your loan circumstance.

Which type of loan is best?

You would like to feel confident that your financial advisor has asked you many questions and is really trying to determine your personal requirements prior to providing an answer to your question. If they ask more inquiries, ask , and the more they attempt to assess your needs more likely that they’ll connect you with the loan that best suits your requirements. They could also inquire about your credit card and their limits. They will attempt to determine the amount of money you can borrow, in relation to your expenses and income, and any other assets you own. They might also inquire about mortgage insurance, and whether you would prefer either a fixed rate or a variable rates home loan. Your location can affect what a broker believes is the best mortgage choices for you. With various markets available in Sydney, Qld, Melbourne and all across the country and around the world, the condition that the market is in might be an important factor.