Home Loan Application Tips

It’s a thrilling time for you when begin contemplating purchasing your first house as well as, given that the pandemic has kept a lot of people from pursuing a trip abroad and a home loan is a possibility, the idea of purchasing a home is higher up in the priority list than it would be. What are you able to do to make sure that when the time arrives when you are able to get a mortgage you’ll be successful?

First, you must check the credit score. It can be difficult to obtain an home loan when there are negative information on your credit report. If you’re not certain what your credit score is you can learn more about it in a prior blog post that I wrote. What’s on my credit score? The easiest way to maintain you credit history is secure your identity. Ensure that you keep all identification documents safe and make sure that you pay off the payments on any debts you may have in a timely manner. If you live in a shared house and are planning to move out, be certain that you have your information not removed from all utility accounts after you’ve moved out!

In addition, ensure you are following the rules with your accounts at the bank. What exactly does good conduct look like? It is ensuring that you don’t draw too much on your account and that direct debits don’t get canceled at the time they’re due. Many people don’t realize the importance of maintaining proper conduct with their bank accounts when they apply for a mortgage for their home and believe that it doesn’t need to be considered, but it really does. The majority of lenders will require an explanation of any transaction that result in your account being drawn over when you apply for the home loan.

The third requirement is to demonstrate your capacity to save. Certain lenders that rely on the loan-to-value ratio will require you to show genuine savings of up to five percent of the purchase value when you apply for an home loan. This can be proven through your bank account, or by using your rental record. If you’d like to utilize your rental history, you’ll need to demonstrate in the rental ledger you’ve paid your rent in time for the last twelve months. Nothing impresses loan assessors more than an account statement from a bank that is filled with regular deposits, but not any withdrawals! If you are in need of your budget, you can check the calculators found on the Australian Government Smart Money Website. Smart website.

Fourthly, show some stability in your daily life. This can be demonstrated by where you reside and the place you work. If you’ve had a record of moving houses and/or changing jobs every six months, this behavior will be considered unwise and you should consider staying in the same place. When you submit an application for a loan to purchase a house, the lender will require the place you’ve been residing and working for the past 3 years.

Reduce the use of credit facilities , such as credit cards and buy now pay later with one provider. It’s fine to utilize a credit card pay for everything and then clear it at the close of the month, but excessive credit or the utilization of several purchase now, pay later companies may create doubts about the capability to manage credit.

Finally, when it is time to apply for a home loan, ensure that you have disclosed everything to the person helping you. It’s really simple to resolve issues and come up with solutions once we have identified the issue.

Margaret Godfrey is a Mortgage Broker in Newcastle committed to educating her clients on how to obtain the most efficient financial outcomes. If you are looking for assistance to buy a home give Margaret a call on 0451 471 061 or send her an email at mgodfrey@smartline.com.au