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Retirement may be the end goal for most Australians but with it comes the fact that you will no longer receive a regular income. The Australian Government has implemented many measures to encourage people to plan for their eventual retirement; the biggest being the introduction of compulsory contributions to retirement savings into Superannuation over an individual’s working life in a low tax environment.    

A popular method of saving for retirement is through a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) which allows people to directly control and manage how their retirement savings are invested.  


How Does an SMSF Loan Work? 

SMSF gives you control over how your retirement savings are invested. It also falls on you to make sure the SMSF abides by tax and superannuation laws. An SMSF loan lets you leverage the funds in your self-managed super fund to purchase an investment property. Any rental income or capital gains from the property are reinvested, and can only be accessed at retirement. 

In an SMSF you have greater control of your assets and investment decisions, which may allow you to better manage the tax position of the SMSF. 

At Ensure Mortgage, we can help you understand the complex SMSF loan process, and we can connect you with an organization that will provide you with the loan. We can help you fill out the application and complete the proper paperwork, allowing you to invest in your retirement the way you want to. Call us or Contact us for more information.