M Bhuiyan

I’m an existing and multiple-time-returning client of Ensure Mortgage. I’m an investor, intensively investing in properties during the last many years. Due to this, I have ended up with multiple queries under my name for credit checks. After getting two investment loans, I started getting rejections from various lenders as there were so many queries under my name.Finally, I contacted Jahangir Islam, a hard-working broker who spends a lot of time on client files before the application process helped me assess my options. Sid cooperated with Jahangir Islam through the entire process and is an extremely polite, patient and hard-working man. He offered me a perfect experience during my loan application journey.I dealt with Jahangir Islam after my loan settlement and he was always available for any question I had about my loan.
In summary, I recommend Jahangir Islam as he is very helpful, responsive and hard-working.