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We will represent your best interests to the lenders, and you will not have to worry about the negotiation process. We will guide you effectively so that you can navigate through any situation and handle it smoothly. If you’re looking for a large loan, our knowledge in the industry may be able to help you successfully obtain the financing. 

Ensure Mortgage is a licensed company under the national legislation and our reputation in the industry help us create good relationships with lenders and clients. For many borrowers, the key benefit of working with a mortgage broker is that he should be able to find you a better deal on your mortgage than you can find shopping by yourself, and at Ensure, we strive to do exactly that. 

The Complicacies of Mortgage 

Mortgages can get costly, starting with the principal payment, the PMI and the monthly interest payments. Before you even get to the reimbursement period, though, there is a host of other mortgage fees you have to pay, usually out of pocket. Some mortgage fees are a part of the general costs of securing the loan, while others arise from the lender or the broker. If you know where the fees originate and how they apply, you can distinguish which ones are your responsibility and which ones your lender or broker really should be paying and you may even save yourself some money in the process.